Black Business Lives 2020

black business lives, the digital peeps

The Digital Peeps is a high-tech culture-diverse team that is based in New Jersey, Indian-owned. Our diverse team works dynamically with black businesses and many successful entrepreneurs in various fields. The combination of our outstanding digital marketing skills and longstanding web development experience allows us to genuinely connect with our long-lasting partners in many aspects. Our team focuses on providing niche quality marketing services while communicating effectively.

We understand that many black businesses have been affected by COVID-19, and our job is to help those businesses get back on the track. Our goal is to secure these brands by maintaining and improving their online presence and providing unique marketing and consulting services, as our team is client-focused, customer-centric and data driven.

Having an online presence is just the beginning of a new era. Unlike most, we under-promise and over-deliver!    #blackbusinesslives #blackbusinesslives2020

We are now offering our support to THREE small business FREE OF CHARGE.

To qualify for this Campaign, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be a local business operating in Tri-State area
  • Must have a logo
  • Must have a current domain with hosting
  • If selected, you must be available to reply to emails and correspondence immediately to claim this limited offer

To register for this campaign please fill out this short form!

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