SEO Myths: Is SEO even worth it?

Jun 29, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of the business. The increased as well as the complex world of digital marketing, SEO, link building, social media marketing, SEO Myths, and content writing; plays a sky-rocketing role in boosting business. Several myths are swirling around about how to showcase yourself and your product, especially when it is about SEO.

If you want to present your business online in 2021 and get outstanding results then you need to understand and consider following SEO myths. It is crucial to catch these myths before going ahead.

1. SEO Myths isn’t important:

If you’ve been investing your time and money on SEO services that didn’t deliver expected results, that means you have only put minimal effort into it, you might have been convinced that SEO isn’t worth it. It only means that you need to change your strategy. SEO can be of huge benefit but you have to be careful.

2. Link building is dead:

Links are something that can make or break the visibility of your website. Building correct and relevant links would bring the right and target audience to your website.

3. Content is all you need:

Content plays a major role in SEO but does not totally depend on the content. You need to have a great focus on layout and design as well. You might have a great content strategy but it needs to be user-friendly and the design should be eye-pleasing along with pictorials and illustrations.

4. SEO is a one-time job:

SEO is an ongoing activity and not a one-time job because the rules and rankings of search engines change daily. Google changes its ranking algorithm on a daily basis as it is always testing new ways to improve search results and prevent people from gaming the system.

5. It takes 6 months to see results from SEO work:

SEO is a long process, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for a period of 6 months to see results. Low-competition keywords and specialized forms of SEO can definitely give you fast and rapid results. New content might take time to rank, but you need to know the ways to strengthen your SEO game.

6. It’s not a guaranteed job:

SEO is definitely something you cannot guarantee about but you need to know the ways and tactics to improvise things and rank your website.

Easy SEO Tips For Better Results:-

  1. Optimize the following:-
    a. Titles
    b. URL
    c. Descriptions
  2. Use quality content
  3. Improve your website’s loading time.
  4. Your website should be mobile-friendly.
  5. Register your website with webmaster tools.

We hope this will break and clear all your myths about SEO. Visit to give your business a digital push.

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