5 Surefire Ways to Effectively Leverage Facebook for Marketing

Aug 12, 2020 | Digital Marketing

It’s been more than a decade since Facebook’s inception. Over the years, this remarkable platform has given a new dimension to social media. Due to its mass popularity, Facebook has become the most potent marketing bandwagon. Even today, it continues to be the reigning hotspot for people to connect with each other. Thus, Facebook for marketing seems to be a promising channel for brands to thrive.

In general, social media provides tremendous opportunities for every business to succeed. But utilizing Facebook’s full potential is like icing on the cake. It makes almost certain that brands will get the maximum visibility.
So if you are looking forward to making the most of Facebook, you need to leverage every aspect of it. From connecting with your audience to converting them into a loyal customer base, Facebook has it all.

Here is how you can use Facebook for marketing campaign:

Create Your Facebook Business PageThe first important step in effective Facebook marketing is to create a Facebook business page. It’s the place where people can find your business online, learn more about it, and connect with you. Since this page projects your brand’s identity, you need to make it more interesting. Enrich it with all the relevant and important information about your business. Apart from listing your products or services, you need to put links, images, and posts on it. The idea is to turn your Facebook page into a place where your target audience would enjoy it.

Generate a sense of curiosity by highlighting people’s pain points and offering their solutions at the same time. You can personalize your Facebook page by including catchy headlines and relevant descriptions. The other crucial element of your page is the Call-to-action (CTA) button. It’s a doorway through which people will connect with you and purchase your products or services. That’s why you need to place it strategically on your page.

Know Your Facebook Audience and Engage with Them Proactively

Knowing exactly what your target audience is will help you devise the apt marketing plan. Break them down in terms of age, gender, preferences, interests, location, education. It will give you a clear head start. Understanding all these subtle aspects will help you get familiar with your demographics.

To get a better understanding of your customers, ‘Facebook Audience Insights’ can be a powerful tool. You can easily track user interactions and derive useful information about your prospects. Based on this info, you can tailor your content that will resonate with them.

The next logical step of your Facebook Marketing strategy is to engage your audience. The key question is: how are you going to do this?

Well, there are a number of activities and tactics that can leave a positive impact on them. For example, running contests or organizing interesting debates can go a long way in getting their attention. It’s a great way to promote your products/services and increase your brand awareness.
Starting a discussion on pressing issues in your audience will also boost engagement. Such relevant chats foster the exchange of ideas, which in turn enhances your brand’s image.

These days, there are many third-party apps that help you create various contests. You can either use free or paid tools to do this. For example, Shortsack offers many free templates; so does Pagedomo.

Plan Your Content Mix

The crux of your Facebook for marketing campaign is the content you provide. Content creation is a key aspect of any social media strategy, so you need to pay special attention to it. This is also an important stage of your marketing funnel. It establishes your authority, which brings in more traffic. Based on the demographic breakdown, you can curate specific content for your specific audience groups.

Post relevant blog articles to educate your target audience. Use interesting images and videos to generate a strong appeal in them. You have to be consistent to keep them engaged and entertained. Be as interactive and fun in your approach as possible. Also, the diversity of your content helps you earn impressions and engagement. For example, you can use intriguing questions to invoke responses. Short and witty updates on your page are likely to generate engagement and clickthroughs.
Today, video content is becoming a very effective mode of creating an appeal. According to a study, videos draw twice the number of audiences than other types of posts. A large number of consumers concede that product videos play a major part in their purchasing decisions. People also hook to videos to learn about new products and businesses.
‘Facebook Stories’ is another impactful way of getting your word to the masses. Younger audiences are using it more widely these days. While sharing your stories, you need to tag relevant people with the right hashtags. It will help you create a buzz, which in turn will increase the exposure of your brand.

Use Facebook Ads

Given the gravity of Facebook for Marketing, advertising is a profound medium to reach a wider audience. Accept it or not, social media has become an inevitable battleground for brands to compete today. With more businesses coming in the fray, you will face a tough time to reach your audience for free. It turns out, paid advertising is a potent weapon of Facebook for marketing.
With the help of ‘Facebook ads’, you can make an impactful targeting in your specific audience groups. Again, the demographic segregation based on location, interests, and behaviors will come in handy here. However, you have to create a telling brand narrative and project it perfectly through ads.
Facebook ads help you create comprehensive brand awareness. For that, you have to focus on two key elements: ‘cost-effectiveness’ and ‘relevance’. Make sure not to exceed your allocated budget. It will also help you avoid overexposure and useless clicks. Your ad campaign has to be relevant; so figure out what works best to generate an appeal. In the process, you will understand when and how to provide something valuable and meaningful.

Track, Measure and Analyze Your Results

So far so good! But your marketing campaign cannot achieve the ROI unless you measure your results. So it is very important to know whether your efforts are really working. You have to keep a close eye on the key metrics you had identified earlier. It will help you understand where your Facebook for Marketing strategy is driving your business.

To begin with, you need to know the total amount of ‘lead generation’. It tells you how many people have signed up your offer after clicking on your landing page. There are many examples of instances when businesses get link clicks, but their visitors don’t convert into leads. If you are facing a similar scenario, your landing page needs a relook.

‘Impressions’ is another crucial metric that tells how many times your advertisement is shown. More impressions mean higher brand awareness. This metric plays a vital role while reaching out to new customers. So it can ensure bringing more traffic to your website.

In determining the efficacy of your efforts, the ‘engagement’ factor provides you with valuable insight. It measures how the prospects interact with an ad. Are they clicking on the link? Commenting on it? Sharing it?
Cost per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) – These two metrics are also phenomenal in knowing the effectiveness of Facebook for Marketing. CPC tells the cost of an average click from an ad. CTR shows you what percentage of people have clicked on your website. It also allows you to understand the quality of your ads.


Facebook for Marketing is indeed a very powerful social platform to market your business. Its growing stature is also making it a highly competitive channel. Today, brands of all segments are using it to reach their target audiences. Thus, the above-mentioned steps will not only help you compete with other businesses but ensure your success. We hope this article helps you to learn about Facebook for Marketing. If you have any questions regarding these articles please comment below or feel free to contact us anytime.

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